Why a Consistent Sleep Pattern is Important


So many people have a misconception about what sleeping entails. For most it’s just something that needs to be done, and the only benefit they can see is feeling a little rested afterward. What they don’t notice is the gradual decline in concentration. Or depressive cycles coming around more often than usual. They probably won’t even notice that they seem to be aging more rapidly. The fact is that a consistent sleep pattern is important based on several factors. The main point being, it promotes a better quality of life.

Understanding The Nature Of Sleep

The biggest possible reason why people take sleep for granted is that they don’t really know what it entails. It’s habit that nobody really questions or explores more deeply, seeing as they’re not awake to experience it. But sleeping has a much deeper value than you may think. There’s no time like the present to get a little more perspective on the subject.

There are different states of sleep and brainwave activity. When a person loses consciousness and heads into his or her dream world, there should be two specific phases involved. The first is known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement). This is the phase where you dream. It’s when your sub-conscious becomes more visual and active, seeing as your conscious mind is resting. All your feelings and thoughts are being processed throughout this phase.

The second phase is called NREM. This is when you reach a deeper state of sleep, which is usually when the body starts “repairs” so-to-speak. Yes, the body heals during sleep. Dreams don’t really occur during this phase, although it’s not a rule.

You’ll go through both these cycles several times during the night, NREM usually being the first.


The Consequences Of Breaking The Cycle

Everyone probably knows what it feels like to stay awake from dusk till dawn. Everything feels upside down and you get past the point of feeling tired. But even though your body functions the same way it usually does, your mind won’t. You’ll experience a loss of concentration and most likely feel worn out.

These are just things you’ll notice if you start breaking your valuable sleeping cycle. In fact, if you regularly change your sleeping pattern you can expect to feel more depressed. You’ll also experience a loss of energy. Chances are you won’t feel like doing anything, much less go to work and be productive.

But it gets even worse, because you’re exposing yourself to health risks. Losing sleep actually increases your chances of suffering a stroke, a heart attack, and it can even lead to becoming a diabetic. All these negative things are associated with a lack of sleep.

Maintain A Consistent Sleeping Pattern

It’s critical for your physical and mental health to maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. You won’t just be decreasing your quality of life, but you can possibly cut your time on earth shorter than it has to be. Just like eating and drinking water, sleep is a critical part of life.