Why Sleeping Pills Are A Bad Idea


People around the world understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Without sleep, exhaustion sneaks into every single part of your day and just continues to build up on top of everything you do or everything you need to deal with. Nothing is as refreshing to the body, brain, mental and emotional health, than a good night’s sleep. An entire industry has sprouted up around sleeping pills, selling the promise of delivering a restful and incredible night of sleep after taking a couple pills.

The problem is that this picture isn’t even close to being accurate, and for most people sleeping pills are actually a very bad idea.

Doesn’t Create Healthy Sleep
Not all sleep is created equal. While most people have a basic sense of this, since we’ve all had a great night’s sleep and woke up refreshed as well as the experience of waking up after 8 hours still feeling exhausted, but this is scientifically backed up, as well. Just being unconscious isn’t enough. REM cycles with deep sleep where you are dreaming is absolutely critical in order to have good overall health.

The problem is that sleeping pills don’t provide any deep dreaming sleep or REM cycles – they basically knock you out or make you unconscious. You don’t get the full benefits that actual sleep provides, which is why over time many people take more and more, hoping for that deeper refreshing sleep, but it’s not going to come from pills.


There Are Better Non-Prescription Options
What’s the root cause of the sleeplessness? Meditation, making a habit of getting away from screens and reading an hour before bed, creating pre-sleep rituals, cutting down on caffeine, and even ambient sound recordings can all be ways to encourage you to sleep, and create the type of sleep that will actually help you to feel completely refreshed and ready to take on the world. These are all potentially better options than sleeping pills, and they don’t have any of the harmful side effects.

Potential Side Effects
There are many potential side effects. Obviously an overdose can lead to major issues including death, and many people have OD’ed on sleeping pills as a form of suicide. This is an extreme case, but many times issues people attribute to still not getting enough sleep are actually potentially side effects that can occur directly from taking sleeping pills.

Just a really short list of some of these side effects include:
– Burning and tingling in your fingers, toes, and extremities
– Severe loss of appetite
– Frequent nausea
– Constipation or diarrhea
– Dizziness, imbalance, sudden shifts in balance
– Drowsiness throughout the day
– Severe dry mouth or dry throat
– Headaches and migraines

Can Hide A Concerning Medical Issue
What if trouble sleeping isn’t the problem, but it is a symptom? Not feeling rested could be due to severe sleep apnea (which can be fatal if not treated), or a variety of other much more serious issues that need to be checked out. Taking sleeping pills not only increases this type of danger, but can hide a much more serious issue.