Tips to Fall Asleep Faster


We’ve all had those terrible nights were we watched the clock go forward while pleading with sleep to descend on us. The later it got, the more stressed we became, and ultimately the hard we made it for ourselves to fall asleep.

While for many people, such an exhausting experience only happens on rare occasions, for other people it can be a nightly affair. Such people go to great lengths in their attempt to find a way to fall asleep faster. Why, such sleep deprivation can lead to extreme stress, anxiety and quite frankly have a significant negative impact on their quality of life.

While we can’t promise you a miracle cure for this frustrating problem, we can let you know about a few tried and tested methods that work for many people. Who knows, you may just come across something that will help you get to sleep much quicker.

Wear Socks In Bed

This is a simple, yet effective trick. In fact, if you don’t tend to wear socks to bed, give it go tonight. One study indicated that rapid sleep onset can be helped along by having warm feet and hands. This approach makes perfect sense, we are all well aware that heat is a comfort, at any age, so having cozy, warm feet may have you drifting off a lot quicker than normal.

Use Lavender To Scent Your Room

Lavender is known to relax our nerves, lower our blood pressure and generally create a relaxed frame of mind. Some people respond very well to scents, making this an excellent choice when it comes to sleep deprivation.

As well as scenting your room with lavender oil, try to expose yourself to some of the oil within the 30 minutes before you go to bed. This can create a relaxed atmosphere for your mind just before you tuck in.


Get Ready For Bed In Advance

Have you ever found yourself feeling tired and sleepy downstairs, however by the time you go upstairs, wash your face, brush your teeth and get undressed, you find you have already woke up?

About half an hour before you plan to go to bed get yourself into your nightwear, have your face cleansed, teeth brushed and finish any other part of your evening ritual. Then continue with whatever you were doing. Now, once you start to feel tired all you have to do is flop into bed and close your eyes.

Don’t Count Sheep!

Counting sheep may work for a few people, but for many people it wakes them up instead of helping them drift off! This is especially true for people who have rather over-active imaginations to start with. Why, the sheep can end up running away, fighting and tripping over the fence!

Instead of starting a sheep serial, try to picture a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed, it may be a beach, a waterfall or some other chilled out spot.

Certainly, the frustration and stress that come with not being able to fall asleep can be a real living nightmare. We hope that one of our methods above might help you to catch at least a few more zzz’s before the morning comes!